Reasons to have your Caravan serviced:


1]   It is a legal requirement to ensure your caravan is in roadworthy condition.


2]  Your Caravan is an investment.

Regular maintenance helps keep the value of your vehicle as high as possible.

3]  All gas & electrical equipment needs to be checked regularly to ensure safe & efficient operation


4]  Caravans are usually kept outdoors.

They are susceptible to damp & water ingress.

Regular maintenance & Damp Testing can stop damp & water from expensive repairs or ruining your vehicle.


5   A full service history & FULL damp check

Ensure you gain the best possible resale price for your Caravan or Motorhome

        What is actually checked during a service?


  • Below is a breakdown to what is checked in the Chassis and Habitation services, of which all is included in the full service.


  • Chassis condition and attachment

  • Road wheels & tyres

  • Spare wheel carrier

  • Jockey wheel

  • Brakes clean & adjust

  • Bodywork, Trims & Seals

  • External door hinges & lock

  • Suspension assemblies

  • Corner steadies

  • Breakaway cable & clip

  • Road lights

  • 12N and 12S cables & plugs

  • Coupling head and safety catch

  • Drawbar


  • Habitation


  • Door locks, Hinges & Catches

  • Fire extinguisher & Smoke Alarm

  • Fridge (Including FFD check)

  • Cooker, Hob & Grill (Including FFD Check)

  • Gas system, Pipework & Regulator(s)

  • Water system, Pump(s), Shower &Taps

  • Water heater & Space heater (Including FFD check)

  • Ventilation, Rooflights, Flues etc

  • Window seals, Stays & Catches

  • Full damp report

  • Floor delamination

  • Electrics 240v & 12v

  • Toilet flush, Seal & Pump

  • (Cassette MUST be empty)

  • Flyscreens & Blinds

  • Small items at fault , Such as Bulbs & stickers will be automatically replaced

  • Any items found to have developed a fault will be reported to you.

  • These can be rectified in a seperate appointment convenient to you

reasons to have your caravan serviced
caravan service